Club Penguin Cheat Codes

Club Penguin cheat codes will allow you to unlock and get all In-App purchases for free. You can get Penguin Pack, for example, from Club Penguin which normally costs $39.99 for free. Just use cheat codes we provide to you bellow on this page. Cheat codes for Club Penguin does not require to Root or Jailbreak your phone, also cheat codes for Club Penguin works on iOS and Android phones. Please note that you don’t need to download or install anything, like Hack Tools, apk or ipa files to use our cheat codes! If you are not sure how to enter the cheat codes in the game Club Penguin while you are in game, on your phone, please check instructions in the box below.

Here are all cheat codes for Club Penguin.

1. Penguin Pack $7.99 >>> d82bb93T_79
2. Penguin Pack $19.99 >>> 1Y_xFu8H_1g
3. Penguin Pack $7.99 >>> uW_0OMqP_gF
4. Penguin Pack $39.99 >>> BglFq-1B_pg
5. Penguin Pack $9.99 >>> _ESLntv2_UG(Updated: 5 days ago)
6. Penguin Pack $19.99 >>> gA6OF6k6_nN(Updated: 5 days ago)
7. Penguin Pack $39.99 >>> apfLkrbf_00(Updated: 3 days ago)
8. Penguin Pack $9.99 >>> kwftZ163_f7(Updated: 4 days ago)
9. Penguin Pack $35.99 >>> V7GOqGq0_9_(Updated: 5 days ago)
10. Penguin Pack $18.99 >>> HhbaBATK_mI

Try using Penguin Pack : “HhbaBATK_mI”, our users are sending us feedback and this is most popular working cheat for Club Penguin, a lot of users are using “HhbaBATK_mI” cheat code to get that In-app purchase. Enjoy playing Club Penguin

Why you should use these Cheat Codes instead of Hack Tools?

  1. You will get all Club Penguin in-app purchases for free
  2. No downloads
  3. No viruses
  4. You don’t need to download Club Penguin Hack Tool
  5. No need for jailbreak or root your phone
  6. Very simple to use in Club Penguin

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